How do you Transform my cabinets?

It really depends on who you ask. Some companies use “refacing” to mean refinishing or gluing a thin veneer onto the front of your existing cabinets. But that’s not what Cabinet Transformation does. Other people think that refacing means somehow adding a new face or outer surface to existing cabinet doors. That’s not what Cabinet Transformations is either.

When you reface with Cabinet Transformations, the old cabinet doors go away. You get entirely new hardwood doors and drawer headers, with lifetime-warranty quality. You also get fine veneers finished to match, applied directly to the face frames of your cabinets. In other words, Cabinet Transformations gives anything external a fresh new face. Cabinet Transformations also offers hardwood end panels, appliance faces, and anything else in the vast range of custom cabinet remodeling.

In fact, this is what sets Cabinet Transformations apart from most other refacing companies. With Cabinet Transformations refacing you do have the option to add completely new custom cabinets and accents to your design.

Cabinet Transformations is more than skin deep

Cabinet Transformations also lets you improve beyond the face of the cabinetry. You can add new hardwood drawer boxes or roll trays, with top-quality glides. Add interior accessories. Or even continue your creation into other rooms, with something like a coordinating fireplace surround, entertainment center or custom Murphy Wall-Bed. And remember, bathrooms and other cabinetry can be Cabinet Transformation too.

With Cabinet Transformations, the creative freedom is astounding. And hard to find anywhere else.


The Kitchen Before

This is where the project began: A very dated kitchen with doors and frames that had been repainted. The counter tops and appliances were also overdue for updating. We’ll show you all the Renew steps that took this old kitchen to the lovely end result shown below.

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Remove old doors and door-fronts, and trim

In this project, space had to be created for a new hardwood range hood. To do that, a couple of cabinets were removed. This is optional, and your project may not remove or replace any cabinets at all. It’s a very flexible process, and such decisions are up to you.

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Add finished veneer...

After the old doors and drawer headers are gone, their surfaces are prepped to receive the new veneers. These thin strips of hardwood are pre-finished and hand-applied. As shown here, exposed ends and vertical frame parts are done first.

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Time for doors, trim, and headers...

It’s time to put the new doors and drawer fronts in place (soft-close hinges included). We will also add crown molding and trim as needed to give the project a complete look.

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In the end, a work of art...

To finish off the job knobs and pulls are added.

It’s quite a transformation from the original “before.” 

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    Don’t just take our word
    See what our Clients Say

    My cabinets are beautiful!  Sal came in and transformed them in less than 3 days. It was amazing to watch him work. He is a true artisan.  I love how my kitchen looks.

    Billy Sue

    We just moved into our home.  It's about 35 years old and the kitchen needed help. We called Cabinet Transformations and Sal came that afternoon. He started work right away and in less than 4 days the entire kitchen looks like it's new.  And we did the entire transformation, plus got laminate flooring for less than it would have cost had we remodeled the kitchen (without the new floor). So we were ecstatic!  The kitchen is beautiful now.

    Billy Bob

    Sal's work is the best I've seen. He works quietly too. We've got a toddler and Sal worked through nap time without a single issue.  We live in a fixer-upper but now our kitchen looks brand new!  I couldn't be happier.  I'd highly recommend Cabinet Transformations! Thanks Sal!

    Billy Ray